About #PD16

Created by Datacoup , PD16 is a video thought leader series highlighting the current state of the Personal Data ecosystem and how it could look by 2016. Featuring experts from corporate, financial, health, and economic sectors, interviewees have also provided utopian and dystopian scenarios that could result in two years based on individuals being able to control their own personal data…or not.

The Series will continue on Datacoup’s Blog throughout the Fall of 2014 , including dozens of other videos from the thought leaders below as well as Datacoup staff.

Will Allen | Peter Vander Auwera | Joni Brennan | John C. Havens | William Hoffman | Maneesh Juneja | Tom LaForge | Dr. Leslie A. Saxon

Speaker Biographies

Will Allen ( click here for bio video )

Will Allen is Lead Strategist for the Applied Innovation team in HP Enterprise Services’ Office of the CTO. For over twenty years, Allen has been deeply engaged with inventing and commercializing digital technology, contributing to HP programs with global impact in instrumentation, inkjet printing at all scales, and digital projection displays. His current areas of interest include the future of the workplace and mobile technology, 3D printing services, pan-organization innovation, supply chain modernization, and HP technical career path governance.

Previously, Allen led architecture and reliability efforts on HP’s consumer web-connected and mobile printing assets. He was Chief Technologist of the Graphics Solutions Business in HP’s Imaging & Printing Group, where he managed internal printing technology investments, and guided deployment of next-generation inkjet technologies across a wide range of product families. He was also Chief Scientist for HP’s projection display business.

Allen invented wobulation technology, which doubled the resolution of HP Pavilion rear- projection displays, was co-inventor of HP’s first digital projector, and spent three years at the HP’s Barcelona site creating HP’s first six-color large format printer. Earlier in his career, Allen engineered color imaging into the DeskJet printer line. He also proliferated image quality measurement practices across the company, was a co-inventor of HP ColorSmart, and was architecture lead for the HP 16500A Logic Analysis System, HP’s first product with a color touch graphical user interface.

A named inventor on 70 US patents, Allen was the imaging systems lead for the HP DeskJet 690 Series printers, which won a 1997 American Product Excellence (APEX) award. In 2004, Wobulation was declared “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science. Allen is a graduate of Purdue University, from which he received a B.S. in computer science.

Peter Vander Auwera   ( click here for bio video )

Peter Vander Auwera is an independent thinker, creator and sense-maker.

Peter’s ambition is to inspire other people to dream. He loves connecting with the experts, the musicians, and artists of all kinds, to bring out the very best in them, to work & live with them to show personal intent and integrity, so that others want to join our projects too. His dreams are about creation, novelty, beauty, and mastery. He can get pretty excited about design and real disruptive transformation through multidisciplinary teams. He is less excited about technology for technology sake, but more about application and societal impact. Foresight scenario thinking and practices intrigue him, as well as non-linear-thinking. He likes the mix of solitude desk-research, combined with meeting great people, and creating serendipities and intensities. He likes the smell of “stage” and creating uniqueness. He has an urge to challenge the status-quo.

He is Co-Founder of Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT. Main architect and content creator of Innotribe at Sibos. Project lead of the Digital Asset Grid. Prior to SWIFT, Peter was at Microsoft as EAI Solution Sales and Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Electronic Identity Card plans in Belgium, for which he received in 2005 the Microsoft Chairman’s Award. Peter is on the Board of www.happathon.com , is advisor and investor in www.NextBank.org , and sits on the Advisory Board of several organizations and start-ups. Peter is also member of the WEF expert group on Personal Data , and the REXpedition , a think-tank for the Relationship Economy. Peter is founder of Corporate Rebels United , a movement to unite corporate rebels worldwide to ensure that true change happens virally, and Charter Member of Change Agents Worldwide . Peter is a frequent speaker, including TEDxNewWallStreet and TEDxChange . Throughout his career, he has won several innovation- and going-beyond awards. Peter is Belgian, Flemish primitive, married to Mieke, and proud father of an 8-year-old daughter.

Peter is very active on social media, blogs regularly at petervan.wordpress.com  and has a very engaged Twitter following community @petervan . You can find more about Peter at about.me/petervanderauwera .

Joni Brennan ( click here for bio video )

Joni serves as Kantara Initiative Executive Director focusing on Technology Evangelism, Trust Framework Identity Assurance Accreditation and Interoperability Certification to connect business, consumers, governments, citizens, and users in a more natively trustworthy environment. Joni has been deeply embedded in Privacy and Identity standards for over a decade.

Joni builds diplomatic collaboration relationships within and across communities. Joni helps to drive and formalize strategic partnerships between organizations. She participates in international organizations and industry standards committees including: OECD ITAC, ISOC, IEEE, OASIS SSTC, ISO SC27 WG5, and ITU-T SG17 Q6. She has served as the NSTIC / IDESG Trust Framework WG Chair. She has provided testimony regarding Trusted Identity and Access Management systems for the US ONC HITSP as well.

Joni leads Kantara Initiative , a premiere Trust Framework Provider facing multiple industry sectors. As a US ICAM Trust Framework Provider Kantara Initiative will provide Accreditation and Approval verifications for Identity Providers / Credential Service Providers to be deemed qualified for access to connect to the US Federal Cloud Credential Exchange. Joni has help to ensure that the Kantara Initiative program is aligned and referenced in multiple eGovernment strategies including: Government of Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden.

John C. Havens   ( click here for bio video )

John   is Founder of The H(app)athon Project , a non-profit Foundation, “Connecting Happiness to Action” through the use of values-based surveys and emerging technology.  He is also the author of, Hacking H(app)iness – Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World  (Tarcher/Penguin, 2014) and is currently working on a second book.  

A former EVP of Social Media for a Top Ten Global PR firm where he worked with clients like Gillette, HP, Merck, and Monster, Havens also is the principal of Transitional Media Consulting  where he provides marketing and business development services.  He is also a professional speaker , keynoting events for Cisco, Sibos, The Future of Consumer Intelligence, and TEDx, among others.

John is a contributing writer for Mashable and The Guardian, whose work has also appeared in Slate, The Huffington Post, and Fast Company.  He has been quoted about technology, happiness/wellbeing, and media in Fast Company, USA Today, Forbes, BBC News, NPR, US News & World Report, Advertising Age, PR Week, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, C-SPAN and CTV News.

John is also the Producer of the PD16 Interview Series.

William Hoffman ( click here for bio video )

William Hoffman heads the World Economic Forum's initiatives on Data-Driven Development  and the Global Agenda of the Information and Communications Technology sector. Comprised of a multi-stakeholder community of industry, civil society, governmental and academic leaders, this group works to collectively identify where ICT can positively impact some of the world's most pressing challenges. Based on the assumption that a hyperconnected world requires strengthened trust and new models of collaboration, William’s focus at the Forum addresses the need for principle-based governance, demand-based innovation and the need for a balanced, inclusive and sustainable ICT ecosystem. In particular, he leads a multi-year initiative on personal data aimed at advancing the dialogue on the value of personal data and the need for enabling frameworks which are flexible, centered on the individual, and contextually driven.

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, William was the Director of Enterprise Marketing at AT&T. With extensive experience in the communications industry, he has a broad background with emerging technologies and strategic planning.

Maneesh Juneja   ( click here for bio video )

Maneesh Juneja is a Digital Health Futurist, health data analytics expert, TEDx speaker, FutureMed alumnus and founder of Health 2.0 London.

In a career spanning nearly 20 years, Maneesh has worked with data to improve decision-making across a number of industries. From supporting the Whitehall study at University College London, managing the Tesco database at DunnHumby, and most recently, working with the world’s largest U.S. health insurance claims databases at GSK R&D.

Tom LaForge ( click here for bio video )

Tom studies the large, long-term Macroforces that are reshaping our world and driving the changes in human behavior we all call trends. His work is used to guide development of portfolio and M&A strategies, brand and communication strategies, and numerous corporate social responsibility programs such as 5by20 a global effort to empower five million female entrepreneurs by 2020. He has explored such topics as the meaning of wellbeing, happiness, human motivation, and the rising value of human creativity in over 30 countries. He is fascinated by the unprecedented set of socio-historic Macroforces that are driving the rapidly changing relationships businesses have with governments, the environment and civil society. Tom holds degrees in Marketing and Economics from San Jose State and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Masters of Market Research Program at both the University of Georgia and Michigan State University. He’s a founding member of the Rexpedition, a think tank focusing on the emerging Relationship Economy; he’s a member of The Association of Professional Futurists; he serves on the Serenbe Fellows Committee; was featured in the book 2012 Grateful Leadership; and is an advisor to Bonus Creative Week MX, Sustainable Brands, and Mix & Stir Studio – a San Francisco-based incubator for human-centered technology companies.

Dr. Leslie A. Saxon ( click here for bio video )

Dr. Saxon is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC , specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias in patients with congestive heart failure. In addition to using state-of-the-art resynchronization devices in patients with arrhythmias, such as modified pacemakers and implantable defibrillators, Dr. Saxon also collaborates with medical device companies to evaluate the latest, most innovative interventional gadgets for patients with difficult-to-treat heart failure. In 2010, Dr. Saxon formed the USC Center for Body Computing.

The Center aims to accelerate the successful development of ideas and innovative products in the wireless health space through cross-disciplinary work with various USC programs in partnership with industry leaders and venture capitalists in biotechnology, telecommunications, entertainment and design. The Center collaborates with USC schools and programs including the Keck School of Medicine, Viterbi School of Engineering, School of Cinematic Arts, and the Marshall School of Business, as well as USC Stevens Institute for Innovation and the Institute for Creative Technologies. The USC Center for Body Computing is one of the most comprehensive centers for wireless health in academia. Dr. Saxon also hosts an annual Body Computing Conference which brings together leading authors and futurists as well as leaders from the fields of medicine, design, entertainment, the FDA, investment banking, and pharmaceuticals for a day of intense discussions about the nascent but exciting field of wireless physiologic monitoring.

Dr. Saxon has completed over 180 publications in various medical journals and is an active member of a multitude of organizations, including the American College of Cardiology, the Heart Rhythm Society, The American Heart Association, and the Heart Failure Society of America and serves as associate editor of the Journal of Cardiac Electrophysiology.


Both John and Maneesh were compensated for their work on PD16 as consultants.  We’re letting you know because we’re big on transparency, plus we think it’s important to pay people what they’re worth regarding data or anything else.