What is the state of personal data in 2016?

John Havens, founder of The H(app)athon Project, author, and Privacy Activist talks about the positive changes to Personal Data in 2016.

Will Allen, HP Fellow, discusses the postive changes resulting from people being able to control their personal data in 2016.

Tom LaForge of Coca-Cola discusses the innovation available to brands when consumers control their personal data in 2016.

Maneesh Juneja, Personal Health Data Expert, discusses how transparent and portable personal data policy in 2016 is positively transforming the health industry.

Joni Brennan of The Kantara Initiative discusses how transparent personal data policies in 2016 provide personal freedoms for individuals.

William Hoffman of the World Economic Forum discusses how transparent evolution of user agreements has spawned industry innovation in 2016.

Casey Falvey, Co-Founder of Datacoup discusses the advantages for individuals when controlling their personal data in 2016.

Matt Hogan, CEO and Co-Founder of Datacoup talks the advantages of paying for products with personal data in 2016.

Reki Hattori, Co-Founder of Datacoup discusses why people's control over their personal data has led to innovation in health care and business in 2016.